There is a tendency for many international groups, and media elements,  to focus on the well-publicisesd slums/bidonvilles of La Saline a Cite Soleir, within an easy air-conditioned Land Cruiser commute of Haiti’s Petion-Ville luxury hotels.

We like to focus on a place in which our limited resources will do more. The Haitian Children’s Fund has had a long-term involvement with Louseau, a small community on the mountain above Petion-Ville.

When we first visited this special place it required hours for the peasant to walk out to “civilization.” With the construction of a small road connetion, this reduced the journey to a 15 minute walk,  opening up many possibilities for the residents.

Water reservoirs have allowed for the capture of run-off from the heavy rainfall. A community center has provided a focal point for the population. Seeds have helped generate better crops. We have something like 585 children that need better school facilities, in the form of an actual building, and ongoing supplies. Wages for the teacher.

All of these concepts, and new ones, require support. With a few dollars, we can focus the population’s effort on actually creating things.

Emmanuel Silencieux, one of our directors, was born  and raised in Louseau. He attended Pastor Wallace Turnbull’s Baptist Mission school and went on to study agronomy in Cuba. Upon graduation, “Manno” came back to help his people. He has become one of Hait’s recognized experts in agricultural development.

Perhaps your church, or social orgnization would like to partner with us in bringing a better life to our small district in Haiti. This agriculuture area has some 20,000 inhabitant. Louseau is the center of our focus to generate better conditions and stop the flow of people into overloaded Port-au-Prince.

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