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QUAKE: 12 January, 2010: 16:53:10 EST

On January 12, 2010 48 seconds destroyed Haiti as a 7.2 quake killed over 350,000, injured countless others and left millions homeless. A sympathetic world reacted instantly to our Nation’s desperate needs.  There were several days of isolation before an endless chain of relief aircraft flew into Haiti to assist with immediate needs. A caring world community donated billions to rebuild the country.

This should have seen a new Haiti reborn from the disaster.

Great plans were made.

Since Haitians couldn’t be trusted with so much money, Bill Clinton was and the rest is history. Less than 2% of the $14,500,000,000 ever reached Haiti, and remains a major international crime, with no possibility of useful resolution.. As one example, the Red Cross collected over $456,000,000 with few visible results in Haiti. Their vaunted housing project saw 6 small homes built. When challenged their reply was, to the effect,    while they mentioned Haiti in their fundraising, their small print did not require funds collected to be used in Haiti.

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Carolle and Lynn were present when the quake struck and were in immediate, effective action, while Haiti was isolated over the first few days when there were no businesses open, and all communications were out. Afraid of aftershocks, people slept on the streets, the lucky ones having a bed sheet to separate them from pavement. For the next few weeks, one of our services saw us cook large quantities of food, for those on the streets around our building, that remained undamaged.

Each disaster takes something away and Haiti never seems to catch up..

There are definite advantages in avoiding  huge, international charities, funneling your contributions through   on site operations, such as the Haitian Children’s Fund, where a dollar in sees a dollar applied to real local needs, not expensive Boards of Directors, executive jets,  and administrative  costs in some distant place.  Those are the accounting games that ate up all but 2% of the billions collected for Haiti.

They deserve more.

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