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Founder and President

HAITIAN CHILDRENS FUND / Founder and President


Lynn Garrison has  disproved the adage that “there are no old, bold fighter pilots,”  having managed to survive a life of aggressive action.   If there was action, he was one of the “go to persons.” In 1967, when the Biafrans attempted to create an independent nation, Lynn helped the with their aviation challenges. With Count Gustaf von Rosen he helped create a small attack squadron of Malmo MFI-9 light aircraft, armed with rocket projectiles. 

Their target was a Russian sponsored squadron of Mig-17 fighters, and IL-28 bombers,  that attacked schools and marketplaces in order to inflict maximum casualties. In 4 attack’s Lynn’s unit neutralized the Russians for over 6 months.

Aviation took him to Haiti, in 1980 when Australian investors wanted him to keep an eye on their money. Lynn ended up heading a production unit with Burt Lancaster who was going to host a TV series, with the Haitian segment on Voodoo as one episode. As a result of this first exposure, Lynn fell in love with Haiti and has been invovled ever since

Creating the Haitian Children’s Fund, in 1984 he  is now totally focused upon helping his small Haitian friends.

As a result of his first visit, Lynn fell in love with Haiti. Over  the years he  managed to spend something like a third of his time there, creating the Haitian Children’s Fund in 1984. Since then the charity has worked on its own, assisted other groups, and coordinated projects for the Government of Haiti.

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Lynn explaining the eccentricities of a War One triplane to Apollo 17’s Gene Cernan
One of the first projects saw Lynn buy 500 pairs of shoes at a Marshalls “Down and Out” Sale.
Lynn wheels-up landing canastota, NY, 1961
Lynn destroy Mig-17 port Havcouvt, may 22,1969

Carolle Tranchant, a Haitian, has spent most of her life helping others. Whenever there is a need, people turn to Carolle for her contacts throughout Haiti’s complex society, and her legendary determination to complete a task, no matter how challenging.  She took over the leadership of the Haitian Children’s Fund during 1994 and has coordinated everything since then. Unlike many people, she sometimes takes her work home with her. Carolle’s house has been a warehouse when disaster strikes. On occasion, her living room has held 4 containers of medical supplies.

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There is a tendency for many international groups, and media elements, 


Haiti has always had the reputation of being a land of artists. For generations, their work has been in demand, worldwide.


Many say that Haiti’s ecology is past the point-of-no-return. Whether or not …


The three most important things for Haiti’s successful development are Education, Education and Education!