Haiti has always had the reputation of being a land of artists. For generations, their work has been in demand, worldwide. Much of it is classic Haitian, while other artists generate pieces of a more sophisticated base.

Art has been the path from poverty, for many. A Haitian with a few tubes of paint, a brush and something to paint on could create a living that often supported 10 or more people in his family. Others have become internationally recognized, such as Bernard Sejourne and Hippolyte  whose works command  prices in the $40,000 category.

Recent challenges have dealt near fatal blows to the art community, although the top end artists are still in place. The 2010 earthquake killed many. Tourism dwindled for one reason or another. Inflation has driven the cost of art supplies to a point where most local artists cannot afford basic paint, brushes and something to paint on.

A vicious cycle. No sales to support them –  no money generated for supplies. Many have left the field.

The Haitian Children’s Fund hopes to reverse this cycle and revive the Haitian Art Community.


Everyone is familiar with the old proverb:

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.   Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”

In general, the international community tends to hand things out, with no thought for creating any sort of future. We disagree with this concept and believe that thousands can have their economic lives, and that of their families revived if we get the art community into dynamic action.

Other than a few tubes of paint, carried into Haiti in suitcases, the art supply are basically non-existent. The Haitian Children’s Fund has initiated a project to acquire art supplies at the lowest wholesale price – for volume –and sell the products to artists at half the price of acquisition.

Better for someone to pay a little than to receive a hand-out. More appreciated. For those who cannot afford anything, we will extend credit. Haitian artists will honor the credit system with self-governance.

Carolle and Lynn have a long-term exposure to the Haitian art community at all levels. Carolle is one of the leading collectors of Haitian art, with several hundred pieces, and maintained an art supply business until the 2010 earthquake. Lynn owned The YELLOW BIRD: Galerie d’Art Haitien in Santa Monica, California, a gathering place for film industry people on weekends.

Carolle has a location in Petionville that will be dedicated to this project. We will consider satellite elements, utilizing someone else’s shop for a small art supply. Cap Haitien, St Marc and Jeremie could be considered. The Petionville site will provide a meeting place, somewhere to get a drink of cool water, and a place where artists, travelling from distances, can store their painting for their next visit, avoiding the challenge of carrying awkward items on crowded public transport.

The well-known saying STARVING ARTISTS fits Haiti. We have a mass of these and hope to reverse the downward slide.  Help a STARVING ARTIST by buying some supplies to help him/her support themselves, and their families.

Your community might sponsor a local art sale.

On a more immediate, and basic level, we have a package that deals with the challeng by supplying 5 tubes of paint, (Pthalo Blue, Cadmium Red, Lemon Yellow, Titanium White, and Black that mix to make all colors) some brushes and yards of #10 canvass duck to support the artist.

Our Petionville location will also create a display of finished items for sale to local and international visitors.

Our STARVING ARTISTS, and their families are waiting.


$25.00 gives an artist 5 tubes of paint, brushes and canvass.

$50.00 sponsors 2 artists.

$100.00 sponsors 4 artists

$500.00 sponsors 20 artists and we send you 2 paintings.

Of course you can donate more.



$ 50.00
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Donation Total: $50.00

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