The three most important things for Haiti’s successful development are Education, Education and Education!

What if a person could toss a dart, at the map of Haiti, and establish a school at that specific Latitude and Longitude? The Haitian Children’s Fund has created such a solution, a solution that could bring lessons, from the very best of Haiti’s teachers, to children in the furthest, most remote areas of our Nation.

We can create new taped material and also utilize the thousands of hours of lesson plans already available from many aources. For example, The Gates Foundation has a huge library of taped material.

With the assistant of a world leader in uplink/downlink technology we have created the basic netwoork to do this.

It is not a dream on paper.

It actually existts in the form of a Transmitting Station, Uplink Dish Antenna, with Transmitter, and two Demonstration Downlink units with Dish Antennas, Receivers and Wide Screen TVs, supported by Solar Panel, Inverter and Batteries to guarantee 24/7 operation in areas where electrical power is problematic.

Where actual buildings are not available we can create one with 40 foot shipping containers.

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“Education for all children” is the dream of our Nation. Unfortunately, the realities of our life have not yet allowed this dream to reach fruition.

Fortunately, the Haitian Children’s Fund created the  SATELLITE SCHOOL SYSTEM  which now offers an opportunity to achieve this goal by making it possible to transmit lessons, created by Haiti’s most highly qualified educators, to any location in our 10 departments, whether a school is located in Bombardopolis, Anse Rouge, Jacmel,  or even in downtown Port-au-Prince.  In fact, one could toss a dart at the map of Haiti and, no matter where it landed, you could place one of our schools receiving satellite modules at its point of impact.

The Satellite School System will transmit both academic lessons and alternative training modules. The system is the reliable and state-of-the-art conduit; it requires exceptional content in order to fulfill the vision of our national dream.  A number of foreign universities and other organizations have shown a keen interest in creating lesson plans for use in our program.

The Satellite School System, therefore, relieves one of the most significant limiting factors in our nation’s educational system – the shortage of qualified teachers – by transmitting quality educational programming potentially to every classroom in our country.  A trained  educational facilitator is present in each local classroom to supervise classes while the national system continues to develop a trained educator academy to overcome this significant hurdle.

Detailed planning for this project began some time ago, and it is now operational.  Our partnerisone of the world’s leading providers of satellite transmission solutions, has created the world’s first national network of satellite-transmitted educational material, Elements, for the entire uplink system; three demonstration classrooms, shipped from Miami.

The Satellite School System consists of three vital elements:

  • The Satellite Uplink System will transmit material over our network, utilizing a top line satellite dish antenna and electronics to provide world class service.
  • The Uplink will bounce lessons of the Intelsat satellite, 23,000 miles above earth, to our school receiver modules. Each of these will have a dish antenna, receiver and wide-screen TV, powered by a solar panel array, charging batteries through an inverter system. This system will have a 24-hour / day operational capability with normal daylight conditions.
  • We will establish a video studio in which to tape and edit material for transmission.

The SATELLITE SCHOOL SYSTEM will become a window of opportunity for Haiti’s children, and a showcase for Haiti to the world.

Diagram of overall system incluidingGalaxy 25 satellite at top center Our 2.4m uplink bottom cente and 3 demo downlinks on right. Other units on left are additional American facilities.
Orphanage with downlink in Les Cayes, hooked to California high school class.

Emergency Response is mobile usit we would have to uplink from any point in Haiti. Could be used by Palace to transmit activities, instantly, worldwide via Galaxy 25 Satellite – CNN, ABC, NBC,  etc…

For individual school units, we  will use existing buildings, where suitable.

We might place units in churches with a view to security.

We can also create school structures by utilizing 2 40 foot containers placed on a concrete pad with ventilated roof. 700 concrete blocks will complete the end walls . This will give a 1600 square foot structure that can also serve as a Community Center.

Our team  can prefabricate all construction items, then ship everything to the school site in the containers. Local labor will complete the schools.

Groups sending material to Haiti  can ship in donated containers. These can be left in Haiti for use in school construction.  There are tens of thousands of surplus containers in the States and we can have these donated for a tax write off.

The following page shows a model of such a building.


We have the ability to create schools by using 2  40 foot containers as the basic structure, sitting on  a concrete pad and roofed with fiberglass or metal sheet. 700 concrete blocks will create end walls.

The roof will sit above the structure, allowing for full ventilation

The model shows a school of 1600 square feet




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